After Market Slides Enhance the Performance and Function of Your Sidearm

Most firearms today can be customized, and there is a substantial market for such add-ons, both to increase the performance of the gun as well as the aesthetics. Aftermarket components for performance weapons such as law enforcement sidearms is an emerging, high-growth demand. The Glock 19 is a frequently used weapon in security and law enforcement, as well as being a popular consumer firearm. Aftermarket Glock 19 slides are a budget-conscious way to include better performance as well as individualized looks to the plain-Jane but reliable Glock.

Materials, Specs and Functionality for After Market Slides

Several reliable manufacturers produce slides for the Glock 19. All of them boast American-made slides from materials sourced in the United States. Slides from trustworthy slide manufacturers for Glock pistols take care to heat treat materials to Glock 19 specifications. Make sure to read the details on any seller’s website to ensure your slide is engineered to factory tolerances. Your goal is to maintain or improve shooting accuracy and reliability.

The majority of aftermarket Glock 19 slides are made from 17-4 billet stainless steel or 416R gun-barrel quality stainless steel, which provides better than factory performance. Depending on the maker, the slide may be coated with black nitride outside and inside for durability without impeding performance. It may have melonite coating instead for increased wear resistance and lubricity.

The Gen 3 slide is RMR cut machined to complete your firearm upgrade. It will work on Polymer 80& frames, as well. The pieces accept standard Glock 19 sights, although some hand fitting may be required. The Glock 19 Complete Slide with upgraded components and the match-grade barrel is drop-in ready. The slide kit is available for the Glock Gen 3 and Gen 4.


Visually, the Glock 19 slide features side and top cut windows, a scalloped, aggressive and reduced front, and angled rear serrations. The custom design reduces weight and gives a better balance to the gun at the muzzle, with improved grip for better friction in mud and water. Some producers offer additional finishes such as satin stainless steel, black diamond-like carbon, stealth gray PVD, copper/bronze TiCN, and Gold Tin, etching and more.

Are you considering upgrading your Glock with a new slide, switching to a Polymer 80 Glock, or wanting to add a red dot? You need an aftermarket slide. Updated slides improve the durability and functionality of your firearm. You also must consider your preferences and how you will use your gun. Take a good look at the options for a new slide and try a few on the range before making your final selection.

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