Can you Buy E-Cig to Quit Smoking?

The electronic cigarette has been known since its birth as an option to help people quit smoking. However, recent claims have been denied by the FDA and manufacturers have been forced to stop using such statements on their products. You can buy e-cig as a way to help you deter the need to smoke traditional cigarettes but it is not an actual solution to quitting smoking at this time.

In early 2008, the electronic cigarette first became available on the market. Initially, it was branded as a product that consumers could buy to help them quit smoking. However, this product is not like the patch, the pill or the lozenge which are used to help users quit smoking. Instead, you can buy the e-cig as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. There are claims that the product is healthier because it lacks the numerous chemicals and fillers which are found in regular smokes, however there is no current scientific proof to support those statements. Such research will not be available to the far distant future.

Users can buy electric cigarettes at an affordable rate which is much less than the cost of a traditional pack of cigarettes. For approximately the same cost as a carton of cigarettes, a starter kit for the e-cig can be purchased. With this kit you will have everything you need to change your smoking habits. The only expense that is associated when you buy e-cig is the cost of the cartridges. Luckily, this is only around $20 per cartridge 5 pack. Each cartridge is designed to last a specific number of puffs, such as 400, or up to the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes. For the average smoker, this means that they can save a lot of money when compared to the cost of smoking traditional cigarettes.

The birth of the electric cigarette has become increasingly appealing to the younger crowd. These would be the many teens and young adults who take up smoking each year because they think it is cool despite the risks. Now these individuals are learning that they can choose a safer alternative and still get their nicotine fix. Additionally, when buy e-cig you will have the choice to purchase different flavored cartridges which are available in flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, traditional menthol and espresso. The added flavor causes these units to be more appealing to the individuals as they mask the unpleasant taste of the various chemicals in the device.

Simply put, you can choose to buy them as a way to decrease the amount of nicotine inhaled into your body and as a way to negate many of the chemicals that are found in traditional cigarette.

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