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It’s time to buy some baby gifts for a baby shower, holiday or birth announcement, and you don’t want to shop for traditional baby clothes or toys. A good alternative is books designed to be read to the baby. You may be thinking that reading out loud to a baby that can’t talk yet gives no benefits, but studies indicate otherwise.

And infant cannot understand what a book reader is saying, but that doesn’t mean the child is not getting benefits. Consider the fact that mothers sing traditional baby songs to soothe their infants and look them in the eyes as they talk to them. Communication skills must be learned and the first step is stimulating the child’s senses and brain.

First Communication Skills

Words read out loud to even the youngest infant gives a child an interactive means of learning communication skills. When you give books as baby gifts, you are giving excellent tools for teaching language and listening skills. Mothers read out loud to their babies to calm, excite, stimulate and entertain but also to teach.

As you read to a baby, the infant or toddler brain is working to process the sounds and words. Neurons are firing which promotes cognitive development. Other benefits include:

* Teaches a baby communication skills

* Builds vocabulary

* Teaches listening skills

* Develops memory

* Teaches vocal skills

Once a child can hold his or her own book and learns to turn the pages, the child will begin to quickly learn all about colors, shapes, pictures, and matching words with pictures. The baby also begins to learn more about their environment in and out of the home. Can you hear mommy saying, “Show me the cow….”

According to government researchers, a child has learned the sounds required for language by the time the baby turns one year old. Giving books as baby gifts is the same as giving a developmental tool that enables whoever is reading to help the child master those sounds, learn how to talk, and build a vocabulary.

A Foundation for Learning Skills

In addition, reading to a young child can teach a child how to learn also. As you read to an infant, the foundation is being laid for future learning skills. A child is much more likely to be interested in reading on their own as he or she gets older if an interest in books is created early in their life.

Baby gifts that are books also give a child and mother a tool for bonding. The sound of the mother’s voice, as she holds her child while reading, strengthens the special bond that only a mother and child develop. One day the child will reach out for the book and begin to explore its contents using touch and sight. Mom’s voice supplies the sound.

If you are looking for the ideal baby gifts then consider soft cloth or vinyl books for newborns up to a year. If a child is over a year old, a larger variety of book styles can be added. The gift of reading is a gift of sounds and learning and love.

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