Creating A Beautiful Indoor Ceiling Using Tulle Rolle

For anyone planning a wedding, making each aspect of the reception hall or venue look magical for that special afternoon or evening is important. In many of the halls, and even in larger banquet and event facilities, the room is often very plain, and the lights may be the standard old fluorescent fixtures.

To create a romantic, soft, and elegant type of look to any ceiling is not difficult if you have access to tulle roll. This is a very lightweight, net-like fabric that is perfect to drape from a central point in the room to the interior walls, creating the look of a soft tent or canopy over some or all of the room.

Full or Partial Coverage

Depending on the size of the room and the effect you wish to create you will need to know if you want to cover the entire space or have a ribbon like effect that covers a third to a half of the ceiling area. You may not want to consider less than a third of the space as this will create large areas between the swags or the ribbons of the tulle, which is not as effective in creating the look you are trying to achieve.

Ideally, choose a wide tulle roll. This is important so you can have the ability to put it up relatively quickly and have wider coverage with each of the ribbons of tulle. You will also have to decide if you want to have a single color, such as white or ivory, or if you want to have alternating colors that feature the wedding theme colors.

Central Component

Most venues used for weddings will have a ring that is located in the very center of the room in the ceiling. This can usually be raised or lowered to the desired height, and this allows the center of the “tent” to be higher, and then the tulle swags down to the walls where it is attached at the desired height.

Generally keep the tulle well out of the reach of guests, including at the walls. This prevents accidents with the tulle being pulled down accidentally or by someone simply not thinking.

Measure the tulle across the width, length, and diagonal of the room based on how many spokes you want to create the tent. Remember you have to leave extra to allow the tulle to pull up in the center and drape down to the attachment at the walls.

Always order at least one more tulle roll than you think you need in any color. This ensures you also have enough fabric to wrap guest favors, create a swag on a table or simply use in your decorating to coordinate all your designs.

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