Decorate with Weather-Resistant Resin Patio Furniture

by | Jun 2, 2014 | furniture


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Wicker is not actually a type of wood; it is a style of weaving. It is quite common to be confused about this term, and most people believe it is a type of wood. While some wood is great for all types of weather, when creating furniture for the outdoors, it is best to invest in resin wicker patio furniture. Typically most outdoor wicker furniture starts with an aluminum frame. Steel has a tendency to rust, and rattan is known to absorb moisture which causes it to deteriorate over time. Aluminum is very strong and resilient, and can be finished in matching colors to create furniture sets that contain synthetic resins that are non-porous. They are hand woven to convey a beautiful wicker design and attached to frames made from aluminum. The whole process has been given the name, synthetic wicker.

The Durable Construction of Outdoor Furniture
When you choose high quality synthetic wicker to decorate outdoors, you are investing in furniture that is weather proof and will last a very long time. Even the cushions are made to be durable and handle the harshest weather. You will find that you want to change cushions to enjoy a new look well-before they actually wear out. Most wicker furniture is powder coated and made from a heavy duty type of aluminum which makes it rust proof. High quality furniture even has high density Polyethylene that is woven and tied over the furniture frame. This allows patio furniture to feel smooth with edges that are not sharp or protruding. Outdoor patio furniture made in this manner is more comfortable and lasts much longer.

Bring the Party Outdoors with Wicker Patio Furniture Collections
Decorating with high quality resin wicker furniture allows you to provide seating for as many people as you desire. You can purchase a couple of furniture collections, or simply purchase additional loungers, sofas, swings and chairs to turn your backyard into the place to be for the spring and summer seasons. You can even purchase matching cushions for your resin patio furniture. Just imagine hosting family cook-outs, parties and dinners with your guests reclining in the most comfortable wicker furniture. You could even invest in dining sets and collections that include coffee tables and end tables with inset glass tops. The best type of glass top table has glass secured and inset within the resin wicker furniture so it does not blow away or shift. Taking care of your outdoor furniture during off seasons is as easy as covering it or storing it in your garage or shed.

Wicker Warehouse has a fine selection of resin wicker patio furniture in which to choose. Browse their website to learn more about their high quality outdoor furniture and place an order today.

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