Edible Glitter Adds Something Special to Your Desserts

Edible glitter is a relatively new food product, showing up for sale for the first time in 2012. However, since its arrival on the decorating scene, it has gained in popularity among baking decorators and designers. It is made from FDA approved food dyes and is available in many colors and shapes. The glitter is available in a variety of flake sizes, from 50 mesh to ¼” size. It is usually made from gum arabic or sugar with other ingredients to make them sparkle. Be aware that there are some non-edible glitters on the market as well so be sure that any glitter you use on a baked item is edible. Because commercial edible glitter melts quickly on your tongue, flavored glitter has visual impact to foods but they do not add much sweetness.Some home bakers choose to make their own glitter product using sugar and food dyes.

Why Use It

It is made up of tiny pieces that can produce a sparkly or shimmering texture to your baked goods. It adds a “wow” factor to your cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other baked goods. Many bakers consider it the kind of feature that adds a captivating quality to your decorative designs. Children are especially impressed by the effect of this glitter and you can bring extra delight to young cake-tasters by highlighting specific words and theme items with different colors of this product. And, practically speaking, edible colored glitter can cover any baking flaws, while providing a glam look to your baking creations.

How to Use It

Generally, it is easy to apply to icings if the buttercream, chocolate or fondant is fresh and still soft. If the icing has hardened or if the chocolate or fondant is too smooth,

You can use add a fresh layer of icing or brush on some gel icing before adding. You can also use it on frozen desserts or you can safely bake it in temperatures up to 450° F. For some unique special effects, sprinkle it between the layers of a cake, or sprinkle it generously around a gingerbread house for a beautiful snow scene.

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