Fashion Jewelry for Wholesale Prices Provides Women with More Options

We like the fact here at that we can provide fashion jewelry for wholesale or near wholesale prices, as it gives today’s fashion-conscious woman more jewelry from which to choose. After all, how many places can you visit online or off-line that permit you to buy several pieces of fashionable jewelry?

A Varied Selection of Designs

We also provide jewelry in various designs and styles, all of which makes it easy for us to offer adornments that can be worn by a variety of women who have different lifestyles. For example, our pendants and necklaces here at are featured in crosses, sport styles, Western accents and rhinestone designs.

Given the wide selection of our jewelry, handbags and scarves, we can accessorize women of all ages at a price that will keep them in the most fashionable of accessories. Therefore, we invite you to see all the stylish accessory items we feature here on our website at

Bling and Style

Review our large selection of beaded bracelets here at Then, take stock of the body chains we have on sale as well as the rings. You will find that much of our jewelry carries plenty of bling and style.

We include “paste” or rhinestone stones not only on jewelry but also on caps, sunglasses and purses too. Our rhinestone purses come in various colors and truly play up the “bling” when they are carried with jewelry that features the artificial yet lustrous stones.

Lifelong Customers

In fact, many of our customers turn out to be bona fide and sizable collectors of costume jewelry after they visit our facility in Dallas, or take a look at the wide selection of fashion jewelry for wholesale delivery and price. By the time they see what we offer online as well and take note of the prices, they become lifelong customers.

We offer same day shipping on orders placed before 2:00 p.m. You must buy at least $100 of merchandise in order to enjoy the wholesale prices. If you purchase $300 worth of product, your shipping is free.

Increase the Size of Your Jewelry Wardrobe

Needless to say, wholesale prices make it possible for you to buy more and increase the size of your jewelry wardrobe substantially. It is always exciting to find a site that enables you to shop for the latest in trendy items in the form of jewelry, purses, leggings, and keychains. We also feature stylish sunglasses among our varied accessories too.

For example, our spiritual Montana West sunglasses feature round frames and a rhinestone outlined cross. Rhinestones appear on the outer sides of the eye piece as well as on the ear piece too. The glasses we sell come with a storage case and cleaning cloth as well. Here, at website we always offer the latest of the current styles of accessory items and jewelry.

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