Great Gift Baskets Using Scarlet Navel Oranges From Florida

Finding the perfect gift for the person who has everything can be a challenging ordeal. Although it may seem impossible, there are gift ideas that can be discovered with a little research. One unique alternative is to give the gift of health by purchasing a delectable fruit basket. Selecting any of the various gift options available from citrus orchards in our Southern states shows the consideration that went into the present. A basket of freshly picked ruby red grapefruit or Scarlet Navel Oranges from Florida will surprise anyone, even the hardest to please person.

Tree ripened citrus gift baskets are one of the healthiest gifts on the market. They can be used for any holiday, birthday, or special occasion. The orchards that sell these baskets typically offer a variety of creations that are comprised of either one kind of citrus fruit or an assortment that are grown in the orchard’s domestic region. When you purchase one of these baskets you can be sure that you’re receiving freshly picked, in season fruit. Navel oranges, tangelos, honey bells, tangerines, and grapefruit are all fruits grown in states like Florida which can be selected as gift baskets. If fruit is not quite enough, most of the orchards offer jams, honey, wines, and candy as additions to certain baskets. While these may not be the healthiest items to put in a fruit basket, they often serve as a compliment to the refreshingly sweet citrus fruit flavors.

Most of the orchards are also willing to create Custom Gift Baskets of varying fruits to accommodate the specific tastes of their potential clients. Customers can call or go online and select different fruits to mix together to form their custom basket. This is a great option for a customer who feels that the standard baskets don’t have exactly what they would like to purchase. A mixture of tangelos and grapefruits, navel oranges and honey bells, or a combination of all four are just some examples of what a client can put together. By adding some candies or wine, a custom gift basket can appeal to all the cravings of the potential recipient.

Delicious fruit baskets are a great gift idea for anyone. By reviewing all of the options available from retailing orchards, a unique and mouthwatering gift basket can be created to enhance the excitement of any special occasion.

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