Ideal Colors for Your Custom Wedding Stickers

by | Nov 13, 2013 | Gifts


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Most people want anything associated with their wedding to be perfect, down to the smallest details. This includes the invitations, party favors, and pictures. While some people tend to leave this to the professionals to plan and figure out, others would much rather tackle this on their own. A number of DIY wedding planners use custom wedding stickers to create unique intimate wedding accessories. If you’re planning to do the same, here are a few color choices for your labels that can definitely brand your wedding.

Peach and Cream

If the theme colors of your wedding are soft pastels, then peach and cream custom wedding stickers would match perfectly with your accessories. You can add these to correspondence that you send out, including invitations to the wedding, and announcements for the rehearsal dinner. The goal is to stick to a pattern and color theme with all of your accessories. This makes your entire event seem uniformed and well put together.

Purple and White

Many people use purple and white as their wedding theme colors, and for good reason. Purple is a deep, rich color that accents several different types of lighting, and white is the offset color that tones down the purple. Any accessories that you use with these colors would look elegant in a light floral pattern. If you incorporate purple and white into your custom wedding stickers, make sure that the font color does not take away from the design. Try playing around with a few designs before you select the final one.

Silver and Gold

Silver and gold wedding accessories can be beautiful, if they’re put together properly. If the gold color is too deep, it will overshadow the silver and vice versa. When both colors are blended into a wedding accessory, they should be light and airy, and just deep enough for the eye to pick up on the colors. Anything else could make for an eyesore, especially when it’s time for pictures.

Custom wedding stickers are easy to find, and make a great addition to any wedding accessory. Make sure that the colors you choose will accentuate the design theme, and that the colors aren’t too deep and over powerful. It’s always best to have several designs to choose from whenever possible.

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