Infant and Toddler Clothing Gets More Stylish

If you have not looked at children’s fashions recently, there are some surprises waiting. Much of the clothing for older children has become quite fashionable. Pre-schoolers are wearing name brand outfits and looking like little adults. Fortunately, babies and toddlers still dress like the young children they are, but their clothing is now every bit as stylish as clothing for older children. It is all in fun and makes gift giving easy, except for the fact you will want to buy everything once you see the items.

The days of the plain white onesie are gone. Babies are wearing colorful clothing that makes them even cuter than they are naturally. A t-shirt with a picture of a peanut or a sweet pea is adorable. But not everyone wants adorable. Sometimes it is time to have some real fun. That is when the pink onesie printed with, “I party naked” or the black bodysuit with AC-DC and a guitar outline comes out of the closet.

A Family Affair

Parents like their babies to wear clothing that reflects the parent’s interests. After all, adults wear t-shirts printed with KISS and pictures of the rock band. Why not let the baby join in the fun! The printed baby clothing with funny sayings or designed to match the parent’s clothing make great gifts that always bring peals of laughter when opened.

Of course, there are times when the infant and toddler clothing needs to be more sedate. A personalized pajamas gift set for infants may not make anyone laugh, but it is just as adorable and will keep the baby warm. These sets make ideal gifts because they are personalized and practical. However, if you want to mix practical with fun, layette gift sets with a theme are the best choice. A baby dressed in a three-peace golf outfit or a baseball player outfit lets people know what mom or dad has in mind for the future.

Call Me Adorable

Stylish infant clothing that serve as perfect gifts include a number of items like the following:

* Personalized hat to keep the baby’s head warm
* Hoodie that is free of any strings that could present a choking hazard
* Long-sleeved roll neck sweaters
* Petunia Pickle Bottom organic cotton bodysuits
* Matching hat and sweater set
* Cashmere and cotton blend reversible sweater

These types of clothes are every bit as trendy and stylish as mom and dad’s outfits. The styling does not stop at outfits either. For example, a box of socks that look like high-top sneakers with laces or Mary Jane shoes with socks is another stylish and practical shower gift. Bloomers for girls decorated with flowers and arranged in a box so that it looks like flowers in a planter can only be called adorable.

Baby and toddler clothing has gone stylish in every way. The ordinary onesie has made way for fun yet practical clothes. In other words, baby clothing has joined the world of fashion!

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