Learn About Types of Exterior Speakers

Exterior speakers are suitable for playing audio from other sources. Many people who spend a lot of time in their yards use such speakers for personal entertainment. Alternatively, business owners can use exterior speakers in various sections of their businesses to attract clients. Such speakers come with coated electrical components, heavy-duty seals, and enclosures made of rubber to protect the unit from harsh weather elements.

Rain, moisture, sun, or heat can damage the speakers, which is why it is important to have the protection features. Exterior speakers are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They also vary widely in pricing and quality of sound they produce. The speakers have various benefits as well as drawbacks, which users have to know before they buy the products. If you are about to buy your next exterior speaker, here are the types that exist in the market.

Types of exterior Speakers

Many different types of the speakers exist in the market. With no walls or ceiling to reflect sound, manufacturers make the speakers with open space in mind. As such, they have features that help to improve sound quality attributes. The added features of exterior speakers include high power handling or bass adjustment.

*  Passive speakers: Also known as passive speakers, passive speakers do not have an internal amplifier. Since they do not have their own power source, they operate from a different source, usually an audio or video receiver, or through an external amplifier. Since they do not have any independent controls, users cannot adjust their base levels or modify the quality of sound. The passive speakers are much more affordable than other types.

*  Active speakers: Unlike their passive counterparts, active speakers are powered and have built-in amplifiers. Users can therefore adjust the volume in their speakers as much as they want. Based on their set-up, they provide a greater efficiency and output in sound quality compared to the passive speakers.

Exterior speakers come in many forms including rock speakers, top mounting and wireless speakers. Select your exterior speaker according to your intended application. Engaging a company that sells speakers and accessories is one way to get proper advice towards your preferred speakers.

If you wish to purchase exterior speakers, it is important to know the type you need before you make a move to buy one. For instance, you can get appropriate advice with installation and other technical services.

TIC Corporation is a company that specializes in modern designs of speakers. Whether you need for your ceiling, yard, or for outdoor reasons, you can get assistance from the experts.


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