Personalized Baby Gifts for Meal Time Bring Smiles

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Gifts


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One of the best approaches to purchasing a shower gift is to choose a theme and then apply it to any gifts selected. One of the most popular themes is “feeding time” because sometimes it seems like all babies do is eat. Mom and dad need lots of baby supplies and accessories that make meal time easier to complete and more interesting for the baby who gets easily distracted. Personalized baby gifts that are devoted to feeding time can fulfill two goals – they are practical and beautiful.

Since babies need regular feeding, there are plenty of items that can be personalized. Since practical but attractive meal time items make ideal gifts, just about any of the following items will be appreciated by parents-to-be.

Embroidered bibs containing baby’s name
Ceramic baby plate with birth date and name
Etched spoon and fork
Personalized burp cloths

Since babies have so many meal times, you can mix and match personalized gifts with non-personalized ones. For example, a gift consisting of a ceramic baby plate and a wood high chair is an ideal present to give an expecting family member or close friend. In another example, an etched spoon and fork paired with a bottle drying rack will get plenty of “oohs and aahs” at a baby shower.

Making Meal Time a Fun Time

Personalized baby gifts designed for meal time are more than just nice. They can make meal time more fun. Once a baby is past infancy, meal time can get more challenging because young children are easily distracted. The personalization and graphics on the dishes, clothes, and utensils can be used to help keep a baby’s attention.

For example, a personalized ceramic plate with a picture of clouds and a cute, colorful airplane gives a baby something to focus on. It also provides an opportunity to talk about the sky and an airplane and to point out the child’s name. Keeping a dialogue going during mealtime will help the child stay attentive until the meal is finished. Every parent has times when it is a struggle to get a baby to eat, and making meal time more fun is just one technique for keeping those times to a minimum.

These Are My Favorite Things

Children quickly become attached to certain items like personalized dishes and blankets. Ceramic plates are crafted with different themes like the airplane mentioned, trains, butterflies, sports, Noah’s Ark, and animals. The personalized ceramic dishes also make great gifts for a first birthday.

The fun meal time gifts proudly displaying the baby’s name and birth date are practical for another reason. Babies have small mouths and the downsized flatware is just the right size for feeding. Bibs and burp cloths are indispensable items for keeping mom or dad and baby neat and tidy.

When looking for a gift theme for a baby shower or birthday, think of meal time. In fact, you do not even have to decide on any particular item. The personalized plate, flatware, bibs, and burp cloths can be artfully arranged in a basket and presented with best wishes for the new parents. It is enough to make any parent look forward to the next meal.

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