Peterson Pipe Tobacco: Imported from Dublin, Ireland

by | Sep 8, 2014 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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Smoking a pipe might be considered a pastime of old men or a relic of a past era. However, it has become increasingly popular with younger smokers as a way to savor and enjoy a moment, rather than get a quick fix and move on. One of the best-known brands among aficionados is Peterson, which produces tobacco, pipes, and accessories. The company is based in Dublin, Ireland, but there are a few United States retails who import Peterson pipe tobacco, including BNB Tobacco.

History of Peterson Pipe Tobacco

Peterson has been making pipes since 1865. The company was started by Friedrich and Heinrich Kapp, selling popular pipes in Dublin. They soon met Charles Peterson, who had plans for a revolutionary pipe design. The trio formed a partnership and the business grew, surviving through the challenges of World War I and World War II.

One of the notable differences in Peterson pipe designs was that of the “dry system pipe.” This featured a reservoir to collect moisture between the tobacco and the stem, allowing a drier smoke to enter the mouth. Modernly, the company makes pipes in a wide range of styles. After decades of selling pipes, the company added tobacco to its portfolio.

Varieties of Peterson Pipe Tobacco Available

Peterson pipe tobacco is made from a combination of Burley, Virginia, Black Cavendish tobacco leaves. In addition to traditional pipe tobacco, Peterson also crafts flake and plug tobacco for pipes. There are many flavors available and seasonal or special reserve products are added often. Tobacco flavors range from mild to extra strong for the “experienced smoker.” The individual flavors vary from dark and smooth, to sweet and fragrant. The Peterson pipe tobacco line includes the following.

Traditional tobacco:

  • Irish Whiskey Blend
  • Old Dublin Blend
  • Sherlock Holmes Blend
  • Irish Oak Blend

Aromatic tobacco:

  • Connoisseur’s Choice
  • De Luxe Mixture
  • Gold Blend
  • Luxury Blend
  • Nutty Cut
  • Sunset Breeze
  • Sweet Killarney Blend

Flake tobacco:

  • Irish Flake
  • University Flake

Plug Tobacco:

  • Condor
  • Erinmore
  • Mick McQuaid
  • Velvan
  • Warrior
  • Yachtsman

Peterson Pipes

A thorough overview of the company’s tobacco cannot leave out a look at its pipes. The most widely-recognized models include:

  • Dalkey
  • Donegal
  • Fermoy
  • Harp

All modern Peterson pipes feature the patented dry system. They are numbered and stamped with the Peterson logo to ensure you are receiving the highest quality Irish product.

Shopping for Peterson Pipe Tobacco

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