Reasons to Invest in Women’s Cycling Shorts

by | Jul 25, 2014 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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You’ve been training hard and you just mastered that long bike ride. You’re feeling pretty good – until the next day when your backside is sore beyond belief and you have red, raw chafing on your thighs. Ouch.

At one point you might have thought you could get away with wearing a plain pair of cute shorts for your triathlon training. Maybe you even considered wearing something non-specific for the event. But after you’ve experienced the discomfort that can come from going without women’s cycling shorts, you’re probably ready to change your tune.

Just in case you’re not yet convinced that you really do need women’s cycling shorts for your triathlon training and race, let’s look once again at why it pays to invest in them.

They Resist Chafing

Many long miles on your bicycle means your thighs are going to rub against your bike seat many, many times. No, this is not a criticism of the size of your thighs or the excessive bulk of your quads; it can happen to anyone, regardless of size. Good women’s cycling shorts will be made to resist chafing, and that’s going to feel a lot more comfortable both during and after the race.

They’re Padded to Protect Your Sensitive Areas

Getting a sore backside from not wearing padded shorts is probably only a mistake you’re going to make once, or maybe twice. Keep your backside protected and avoid that uncomfortable feeling that can linger for days by looking for shorts that provide ample padding.

They Tend to Dry Fast

If you’re investing in a pair of bike shorts that are also geared toward triathletes, those shorts are likely to be slightly less padded than regular bike shorts. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, however. Bike shorts meant for triathletes have less padding so that the padding will dry quickly. If there’s anything worse than having no padding, it’s having wet, squishy padding that doesn’t dry until the race is long over.

Your bike shorts should also be made from a fabric that wicks away moisture. When you start to sweat, good bike shorts will wick that wet sweat away from your body and keep you more comfortable.

When you start looking for women’s bike shorts, you’ll also get to consider the colors, logos and overall fit, but it’s really the “hidden” features including wicking, drying and padding features that are going to impact you most during your event.

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