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It is really no wonder that chocolate and love go hand in hand. Chocolate is romantic, delicious, and good for you; there is no better gift for the one you love. The ancient Aztecs considered chocolate a food that was fit for the gods, and early Europeans believed it could act as a medicine and love potion. The fact is that not too much has changed in the love affair that people have with the ever-enticing cocoa bean.

Today, chocolate is used to celebrate a number of different occasions, from Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, and just to say “I love you.” There are a number of different chocolates available today that can allow you to truly customize the gift that is purchased for the person who is receiving it. You should consider what type of chocolate best suites the occasion and then find what best suits your needs.

Semisweet or Bittersweet Chocolate

This type of chocolate has a minimum chocolate liquor or cocoa bean content equaling 35 percent, and it may contain as much as 12 percent milk solids. Recently, dark chocolate has become extremely popular with adults who have sophisticated food palates. It is also one of the types of chocolate that is associated with various health benefits, making it even more appealing.

Milk Chocolate

The current trend for milk chocolate is people seeking a minimum amount of chocolate liquor which provides much more chocolate flavor and much less sweetness.

White Chocolate

This is a sweet, ivory-colored treat that does not have any more that 55 percent sweeteners. White chocolate is a popular option for covering fruit and using on Valentine’s Day.

The Appeal of Chocolate

So now, you may wonder what the big connection of chocolate and love actually is. When you eat chocolate, it releases serotonin and endorphins, which are what make you feel good. Also, while there is no physical proof that chocolate is an aphrodisiac, it includes phenylethylamine, a mild mood elevator that is produced by the brain when you experience feelings of happiness or love. Chocolate also contains a small amount of theobromine and caffeine, which are stimulants that can help you to feel contented and alert.

Chocolate makes great gifts for any occasion. From birthdays and weddings to Easter and Valentine’s Day, chocolate is the perfect gift for any age and any occasion.

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