Show Off Your Style with Luxury Bathroom Vanities

by | Jun 12, 2013 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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Luxury bathrooms can really be an amazing way for your home to make an impression on others. In order to have a luxurious bathroom, however, you will need to have luxury bathroom accessories. One way to really make your bathroom look fantastic is to consider adding luxury bathroom vanities. Before you think that all of this luxury is out of your budget, don’t forget that by shopping online for luxury bathroom vanities  you can save a lot of money and even get free shipping. Here is some wonderful information that can help make your choice of luxury vanities for the bathroom, easier.

Creating a Luxurious Look

Typically you will find that two styles can really create that luxurious look you are looking for. These styles are an old fashioned look, that you may see in large, older homes and a modern, sleek design that is very contemporary. If you want to go with an older look for your bathroom, choose vanities that have a look that reminds you of old fashioned homes that you may have only seen in movies or in museums. Not only can this be a great look, it will certainly be impressive to those who see it. If you want a modern look for your bathroom, consider straight lines, squares, and minimal decoration.

Materials that Scream Luxury

There are certain materials that you should consider when looking to present a luxurious bathroom. The first of these are dark woods. If you are going with an old fashioned look, dark wood can be an excellent choice. On the flip side, when going with a modern look, sterling silver usually is amazing, as are stone fixtures, like a granite top on your vanity. Glass is also a great choice for a modern look.

Size Will Tie it Together

No matter which luxurious style you choose, you need to remember, when it comes to luxury, size is key. If you have the space, consider double sinks or oversized vanities with one larger sink in the center. Large bowl vessel sinks, for instance, can really make your bathroom look luxurious, no matter what type of look you are going with. Finally, make sure to top off the look with a large mirror. Once again, you can find great mirrors to go with any type of decor.

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