The Life of the Party: A Guide to Bowling Birthday Party Favors

Bowlers are not universally known to be particularly adept at partying. It’s an odd stereotype that has been perpetuated and pushed by countless movies over the years, and it’s really an unfair way to look at them. After all, bowlers come from all walks of life and are a group formed of people who are just as likely to get down and boogie at the end of a very long day.

In fact, most people get into bowling because it is a very simple game to pick up and play. This bowling birthday party favorsguide is for that bowler in your life. Whether they be serious and take it as a sport or casual and simply love the game for the relaxation it brings, there are a few things to scope out if you want a truly bowler themed party to take off.

1.     Mini Bowling Sets. Everyone knows that serious bowling gear – from the shoes to the ball itself – costs quite a lot of money. In contrast, these toys won’t ever cost more than a few bucks. They might seem like a cheap novelty, but they make a perfect giveaway at parties because they can be very practical in the sense that they can offer the recipient a quick way to get bowling therapy any time of the day no matter where they are. You should pick those that aren’t made from soft plastics, however, as these will break too easily. At the very least, pick ones made from harder plastic.

2.     Keychains. It might seem a little passé and clichéd but people need key chains a lot more than they think they do. That kind of practicality and affordability is what makes them excellent party favors. The key here–pun intended–to not coming off as cheap is to avoid cheap designs. Try to go for the plastic keychains in the form and shape of an actual pin or a ball in miniature and have guest’s names engraved if possible. If you’re feeling particularly generous, you could even go for the metal replicas that look classy and elegant and are good enough to show off.

3. Lane vouchers. For most parties, a voucher might seem like a sad giveaway. But when you are talking about serious bowlers, it can be a truly great gift! What could be better than being able to play a game for free next time you and your friends hit the lanes. It’s like an IOU for fun times ahead. In fact, for really great celebrations, make sure to combine all three into one fun bowler pack. It’s sure to be a hit that everyone can remember.

All in all, when it comes to birthday bowling party favors, it’s really about sticking to a theme. There are usually many other choices out there like pillows, shirts, and other novelty items that you can decorate with bowling themes.

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