The Quality and Durability of Bronze Plaques

by | Jan 18, 2014 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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Whether you need awards for a sporting event or a plaque to recognize someone or something, you want to be sure to get the best quality awards you can. There are many options available in terms of quality, but perhaps the most durable, traditional and beautiful option is bronze. Most people use Bronze Plaques when looking for something they want to recognize that will be outdoors as bronze can stand up to the elements.

Bronze is used in many different ways when it comes to plaques and other awards. Bronze Plaques can be used to create signage for business offices or to hang on monuments or historic landmarks to explain their significance. You can put just about anything on bronze plaques, including lettering and images. The images you provide to the award shop either online or in person can be transferred easily to a plaque to depict exactly the message you want to display. Some people use bronze letters as either a decorative accent to their homes or to display outdoors.

Bronze stands up very well to the elements. It will maintain its physical features indefinitely. It can also have a very appealing color that can have different finishes depending on what you are looking for. For example, it can have a dull, old-style look, or a polished, golden look. Typically bronze stands up so well that there is no need to maintain it once it’s been installed. If it’s being used as a plaque to commemorate an event or as signage for a business, you may not have to maintain it other than cleaning it off every once in a while. The finish tends to maintain itself, even if it’s exposed to the elements, though some plaques may start to get a green or blue tinge to it over time. This is due to the fact that it has not been treated with a protective covering called clear coat. Clear coat helps to maintain the natural bronze coloring on the plaque for it’s lifetime and prevents it from turning colors.

Using bronze in an award or plaque is a classy way to recognize something that is important to you. You know that it will last for a very long time and it is a visual representation of a goal you have achieved.


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