The Truth about Caring for E Cig Atomizers

While some people enjoy using starter kits and pre-packaged electronic cigarettes, there are also some that like to create their own unique systems to adjust their vaping experience. This can vary from changing the wattage of the e cigarette to getting just the right vape. However, these changes can be hard on the e cig atomizers and other parts.

E-juice Considerations

There is also the issue of the quality and type of nicotine juice or e-liquid that you are using. Some e cig atomizers are more durable than others, especially when it comes to the life of the coil. Properly caring for the product will considerably help to extend the life of any atomizer.

The thicker and more potent flavored e-liquids tend to result in a heavier deposit throughout the system. This means that when you use these products, you have to clean your electronic cig atomizers more often to get the best vaping results.

Signs You Need to Clean Your E Cig Atomizers

The biggest sign that your atomizer needs to be cleaned is the decrease in the amount of vapor produced. This is often found when there is poor air circulation throughout the e-cig. If you have to drag hard on the e-cig to get any flavor, then it needs to be cleaned. Typically you will also notice a burnt or nasty aftertaste, even with your favorite e-liquids.

Options to Consider for Cleaning Electronic Cig Atomizers

It’s important to carefully read the instructions that come with your e-cig. If you have more than one atomizer, a soaking method is often a very easy cleaning solution. Simply place the atomizer in clear hot water and allow it to soak for a few hours. Afterwards blow out any excess water and allow it to completely dry.

You can also use a heating method by pressing the battery for five seconds, and then allowing it to cool. This dry heat burns off residue but may leave a slight aftertaste with your next vape.

If you have any questions about how to correctly clean your equipment or you want to have a few extra e cig atomizers on hand, visit Mt. Baker Vapor. You will find a complete range of atomizers, clearomizers and all the supplies you will need to really enjoy your vaping experience.

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