Understanding Estate Jewelry

When entertaining the notion of selling jewelry, you should be aware of the fact that the products you can sell come in a variety of different flavors, but pawn shops often hold two particular types in high regard—namely antique and estate jewelry. These things are often spoken of as if they are interchangeable, but in reality they differ in very basic and important ways. Even so, they’re closely related enough that you might be able to safely assume that any shops in your area willing to purchase antique jewelry also double as estate buyers. Queens County, NY has many reliable pawn shops where you can go to sell just about anything, and they offer different prices depending on what items you have to offer.

In essence, estate jewelry is any jewelry that is sold second-hand and previously belonged to someone else. In most cases, a piece of estate jewelry will have been the former property of a deceased individual, hence the name. With this in mind, it differs from antique jewelry in that it is not necessarily antique at all. On the contrary, any piece of estate jewelry can be of virtually any age or style and still qualify. An item could have been fashioned very recently and yet if it meets the criteria outlined above, it can be sold to any estate buyers in Queens County and the seller will have no trouble making a substantial amount of money from the transaction.

Conversely, antique jewelry is usually defined by the time it was made. Furthermore, certain styles are considered to be more antiquated than others, which might have an effect on the amount of money someone would be able to make with a sale. Typically, in order to count as a piece of antique jewelry, an item needs to be at least a decade old.

There are many advantages to both selling and shopping for estate jewelry. Despite the fact that they usually are not antiques, their limited supply often contributes toward their value. While it is true that certain pieces of estate jewelry are not particularly precious at all, others may be esteemed for their rarity and uniqueness. The identity of the person who previously owned them might even impact the amount of money you are able to sell them fore. Purchasing this kind of jewelry from other buyers is also a good idea, as it is often easy to find them at relatively affordable costs. Speculating about who might have worn them before they were sold is something that a lot of hobbyists enjoy doing.

Whether you are looking for antique jewelry buyers or estate buyers in Queens County, NY, Capital Pawn Brokers Inc. is here to provide the services you need. All the world’s jewels have their place here, and we accept a variety of other valuables as well. Call 718-347-3949 www.capitalpawnbrokersinc.com to find out more.

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