Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Vintage style engagement rings have become increasingly popular lately. There are a wide array of styles and stones to fit each person’s personal taste, depending upon your own style and which era you would like to choose your ring from. Vintage style engagement rings can be purchased at a variety of places, but typically the best place to get them is from a jewelry store or antique jeweler.

Styles of Vintage Engagement Rings
Each era has seen its fair share of different styles of jewelry, and rings have gone through quite a few changes in the past few hundred years. Victorian engagement rings were traditionally in yellow or rose-colored gold. They were typically set with diamonds cut with an extra facet called a ‘mine cut’, and ranged from very simple and elegant to very intricate with their designs. The traditional six-prong Tiffany diamond was introduced during this time. The Edwardian era brought with it very lacy pierced shapes, scrollwork and the very popular filigree detail on the mountings. Part of this was because the oxyacetylene torch was invented around this time, and platinum became a popular metal for rings during this period. However, when one thinks of vintage engagement rings, the typical style that comes to mind is the art deco time period, between 1920-1930. These rings were more colorful, and during the earlier parts of the period, had contrasting gemstones. Closer to the 1930s, these rings went for a diamond packed look with platinum bands.

Things to Consider When Buying a Vintage Style Engagement Ring
Many of the older engagement rings have softer stones, like emerald or opal, as the center stone, as diamonds were not as popular or as readily available back then as they are today. While these stones are definitely beautiful, the softness of them can sometimes lead to internal cracks or damage. If you do happen to purchase a diamond vintage style engagement ring, keep in mind that diamond standards have changed throughout the years. It used to be very common to search for diamonds that were off color, such as those that have a slightly green or rose color to them. However, if you are on a budget, a diamond ring from the 1930’s or 1940’s could benefit you, as the settings and cut of the diamond made them appear larger than they actually were.

Vintage style engagement rings are a beautiful way to ask the person you love to marry you. There are a variety of styles and gemstones available, and you can purchase them at quite a few different places. Just be certain that you have your ring checked out by a certified jeweler before making your final purchase.

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