Why Metatarsal Boots Are Underrated

When it comes to safety footwear everyone is aware of the steel toed boot. However a much smaller percentage of the population is aware of metatarsal boots and their ability to protect the foot much more extensively than steel toed boots. When it comes to workplace safety there may be no better choice for foot protection than metatarsal boots worn by employees who work in environments which may be hazardous to their health, especially when it relates to potential foot injuries.  Metatarsal boots provide all around protection for employees feet when a steel toed boot simply isn’t enough.

Metatarsal boots are an extension of the classic steel toed boot. Where the steel toed boot provides a hard cover for the toe of the shoe in order to protect against any sort of impact which would damage the toes, metatarsal boots protect not only the toes, but the bones which are found on the top of the foot behind the toes. This extended protection can come in handy for workplaces where there is a higher probability of an impact to the foot coming from above instead of directly in front.

Both steel toed boots and metatarsal boots come in a variety of options. They are available with the classic steel used to protect the foot or they can be made with a composite non-metallic compound which provides a similar level of protection. When it comes to metatarsal boots it can be beneficial for employees to choose the composite compound because it is on average 30% lighter than the steel option. With more of the foot being protected it can cause the steel boots to become heavy when worn for extended periods of time especially if there is extensive movement.

Metatarsal boots can provide an increased level of protection to employees on almost any work site. They are capable of going above and beyond the protection offered by steel toed boots or compound toed boots by covering the top of the foot as well with a protective layer. This can be a simple and effective method to increase workplace safety in almost any type of work environment and should be considered so that employees are as safe as possible while performing their duties.  It is simple to compare options online using a footwear database. Click here for more information about metatarsal boots.

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