Wrangler Filtered Cigars Give Customers Quality Without the Bells and Whistles

There is a relatively new name in the world of filtered cigars. Wrangler is a name that many associate with cowboys and blue jeans, but it would be a mistake not to think of Wrangler filtered cigars. The parent company that produces Wrangler filtered cigars, Sunshine Tobacco, was established in 2007 with a desire to create an enjoyable tobacco product at an affordable price, without using the same product strategy or designs as everyone else. They have achieved exactly that.

The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and prides itself on manufacturing and distributing its products in the United States. Many people turned to Wrangler filtered cigars in the early 2010s as the prices of cigarettes skyrocketed as a result of tax increases. For those who decided to try something new in the name of saving a few bucks, they also found a more well rounded experience.

As an example, Wrangler filtered cigars do not offer many of the bells and whistles you will find with many flavored cigar brand. Instead of sweet and fruity flavors, Wrangler filtered cigars stick to the basics. Customers enjoy the smoothness of light, ultra light and menthol lights, as well as traditional favorites like menthol and full flavor. As for length, they only come in 100’s, and are sold by the pack, in either ten or twenty cigars sizes, or in a carton full of ten packs.

There are no individually wrapped cigars or packs of two when it comes to Wrangler filtered cigars, and that is done on purpose. The company knows its product is good and consumers will not need to sample the latest and trendiest exotic flavors to get a great quality cigar.

Sunshine Tobacco and the Wrangler brand do not attempt to be like everyone else in the industry, and the customer benefits as a result. It also saves customers money, which allows Wrangler filtered cigars to remain affordable for cigar lovers. Fans of the smooth taste and rich aroma of Wrangler filtered cigars enjoy the tobacco leaf wrapping and cigar specific tobacco that can’t be found with cigarettes that are wrapped in paper and feature a range of different tobacco products.

While many Wrangler customers made the switch from cigarettes as a result of the affordability cigars offered, they became fans of the brand for its quality and better overall experience.




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