Choosing an Airsoft Tactical Vest

by | Oct 13, 2014 | Sports


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When searching for an Airsoft tactical vest, you should keep a few different things in mind. For starters, it should be comfortable for you to wear, since you will have to wear it for hours at a time. In addition, it should be able to stand up against some abu while protecting you against the BBs that are being fired. Finally, it should have room to store all of the equipment that you need to carry as you participate in matches and tournaments. You will find a number of different options from which to choose, so consider the following tips before making a selection.

Consider the Design

The vest that you choose should allow you to adjust it to your body, allowing you to keep it tight at all times. This allows you to move easily, yet is not so loose that it will hinder you in any way. Being able to adjust your Airsoft tactical vest prevents it from getting too loose or too tight as you are playing. The best should be made of breathable materials, as this will help you to keep cool, despite wearing this additional equipment throughout the day.

Go for Durable

Of course, you will want to make sure that your vest in durable, as you would not want it to rip or tear as you are participating in Airsoft. If these components are cheaply made, there is a good chance that the rest of the vest will break down very easily as well. You will also want to choose a vest that will provide you with some protection, since BBs hurt when they strike your skin.

Storage Options

The main reason for wearing a vest, rather than just wearing a shirt, is because of its storage capabilities. Choose a vest that has enough pockets to carry all of your gear, while providing you with easy access. Your vest might have to carry items like a pistol, a rifle, speed loaders, magazines, BBs, and many other things that you will need in the field. As a result, you should create a list of everything that you normally carry and look for a vest that will meet your storage needs.

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