Different Types Of Advertising Glasses

by | Dec 13, 2013 | General


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One often thinks that custom pint glasses are only used by pubs, this perception is far from the truth, although they do use a lot them. Many people who are in business are always looking for clever ways to advertise their company or product; TV ads don’t work, print ads don’t work and half the time the internet won’t get you there either, the answer is simple; people see it and forget. This is not the case when a small promotional item is designed and made, not tacky but something that the beneficiary of the gift will use, either at the office or at home. Custom pint glasses are perfect, take them home, throw them in the freezer and settle back for a nice cold beer in the evening.

Of course, pint glasses are not the only glassware that has staying power. Perhaps the most common advertising gift is a coffee mug. They are inexpensive to purchase when you buy them in large quantities and they are the type of thing that sits on the desk all day, every day. The nice thing about a coffee mug, it can be just as useful for the person who does not drink coffee, they are ideal for holding pencils and pens.

In the last few years travel mugs have also become popular as advertising gifts. These mugs, which are fully insulated, often cost a little more than a coffee cup or custom pint glasses but they are welcome gifts for those who have to travel considerable distances to work. In the morning you will see plenty of these insulated mugs on the train or bus heading into the city.

But perhaps the all time favorite are Custom Pint Glasses. As they are reasonably inexpensive they are ideal as advertising handouts at summer sports fests and company picnics. They are ideal for use at home for soft drinks or cold beer. When a company sponsors an event, these glasses are just like walking ads and once the day is over, all the participants simply take the glasses home as a constant reminder of the company.

All forms of glassware is available for use as corporate giveaways and advertising, it all depends on the target market and audience.


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