Enjoy The Taste Of Kilo Eliquids

While some of the e-juice companies produce a wide range of different flavors and options, other companies tend to find a niche flavor or blend of flavors and stay with what they do best.

This is the case with the nicotine juice, or e-juice, offered by Kilo Eliquids. The flavor profiles showcased in this juice focuses in on creamy flavors that include delicious fruit tastes and additions of unique hints of flavor that complete the profile.

Flavor Offerings

Here is a brief description of the flavors and options currently available through Kilo Eliquids. These are classic flavors that are a great option for anytime vaping, and they are also a perfect choice for breaks, after dinner or whenever you want just to relax and enjoy.

1. Cereal Milk – what could be comfortable and nostalgic than vaping with that wonderful sweet taste of the milk that is left in the bottom of the cereal bowl. Top that off with a hint of the fruit cereal everyone loved as a kid, and you have a wonderful vaping sensation that is truly enjoyable at any time of the day.

2. Dewberry Cream – for those who love the taste of summer melons, honeydew flavor is probably on the top of your vaping flavor list. With Dewberry Cream, you can enjoy that bright taste of honeydew combined with summer berries and a hint of sweet cream.

3. Kiberry – while you may not be a big yogurt fan in fruit parfaits, you are going to love the creamy vanilla yogurt and fresh strawberry and kiwi fruit combination in this great vape. The fruit is the most noticeable note on the inhale, but they the creamy yogurt flavor adds a nice touch on the aftertaste. The Kilo Eliquids states that the fruit mixture is more of a candied fruit, but it is not overly sweet and is very reminiscent of lush, fresh fruit.

4. Tru Blue – no surprise here with the combination of blueberries and custard that make up this great anytime vape. The custard flavor is rich yet mild, giving a wonderful undertone to the slightly tart taste of fresh blueberries.

Even for those that are not big on the sweet or creamy vaping flavors, the options offered by Kilo Eliquids are certain to be a perfect combination of rich taste and balance between sweet and cream notes. This is one e-juice that is certain to become a favorite brand and a nice break from your traditional choices.

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