Estate Jewelry Buyers Los Angeles

Estate Jewelry Buyers are individuals and businesses that deal in buying and selling of used jewelry pieces. When most people hear of the term Estate Jewelry Buyers, they often assume that it refers to individuals who buy and sell jewelry from the estate of a deceased person. However, estate jewelry refers to any jewelry that was previously owned.

When it comes to buying used jewelry, Estate Jewelry Buyers Los Angeles operates on various rankings of such jewelry according to various eras of time based specific characteristics of design. These rankings also affect the value of the jewelry pieces. During an appraisal, you will be able to find out from what era and how valuable your jewelry is as considered by Estate Jewelry Buyers in the industry today.

The following are the major categories of used jewelry as considered by Estate Jewelry BuyersJewelry in buyers Los Angeles based on the time in which the jewelry was designed:

* The Georgian jewelry and Early Victorian Romantic jewelry are the earliest designs of jewelry that can be found in the antique market. These types of jewelry are very rare and extremely valuable. They are handmade, have nature inspired designs and almost Estate Jewelry Buyers highly value such jewelry pieces. They included items such as lockets, brooches, rings and necklaces.

* The mid Victorian era was around the time when Queen Victoria’s husband died. Therefore, most of the jewelry that was designed at this time was known as mourning jewelry with solemn grave designs. Materials such as jet, garnet, amethyst and onyx were used in designing such jewelry pieces. Estate Jewelry Buyers also value highly jewelry from this era.

* The late Victorian or aesthetic jewelry sort of marks the end of the eras of creation of antique jewelry as considered by Estate Jewelry in buyers Los Angeles. Most of the jewelry created around this rime was very aesthetic, bright and feminine. Hats pains gained a lot of popularity around this time.

* The modern era of jewelry that is no longer considered as antique by estate jewelry dealers began after the year 1900. Arts and crafts jewelry is the new variety of jewelry that came up during the industrial revolution. Most jewelry around this era is made from simple patterns and uncut stones.

* The most modern eras of used jewelry include the Edwardian jewelry that was created after the demise of Queen Victoria, Art novae jewelry which features natural designs such as flowers and butterflies and Art deco jewelry. Retro jewelry pieces are the youngest in the world of jewelry and Estate Jewelry Buyers do not consider them as rare though they can fetch some good prices depending on individual characteristics. These were inspired by Hollywood and are very bright and colorful.

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