How to Choose Bellevue Area Rugs for Your Design Style

There are many reasons to want a luxury rug in a home. Maybe because floor surfaces are often cold or you want to improve your decorations. Bellevue area rugs add a touch of class and elegance to a room. Whatever the reason, getting the right area rug for your style is essential. Here are a few tips for choosing a rug style that fits your current decor.

Get the Right Size

A new rug needs to fit the room perfectly; there’s no room for mistakes. Bellevue area rugs should be six inches longer than a couch on both ends to ensure a balanced look. The rug should also be within six inches of the wall. If you purchase the wrong size, you can fix it by layering various-sized rugs.

Complement the Flooring

Should the rug be darker or lighter than the flooring? A light-colored rug can provide a fresh, modern look on a dark floor. Bright colors pop on dark flooring, too, especially if other decor elements in the room are complementary. There are no rules against having dark Bellevue area rugs on dark flooring. However, the walls should be light or bright to provide contrast. Otherwise, the room may be too dark.

Choosing Patterns and Colors

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to patterns and colors. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns in a room. However, rugs with bold prints are better in larger spaces, such as living or dining rooms. As for colors, the most critical issue is making sure they complement each other. Neutrals always coordinate well. Think furniture first, rugs second, and wall color last.

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