Options for Bowling Party Favors for Your Child’s Birthday

Having a bowling theme for your child’s party is an exciting, fun and versatile theme for children of many ages. Bowling is both a sport and a fun, social game, meaning that finding ideas for party favors is easy.
The best thing to do is to get creative! Take a look at just a few of our ideas for bowling-themed party favors.

Personalized T-shirts
Making personalized T-Shirts can be a real winner for your child’s party favors. Bowling is of course a team sport, so personalized, team t-shirts are a perfect fit to the theme. You can make your child feel really special on their special day by naming the team after them. Or perhaps, you can ask your child what they would like their bowling “team” to be named, giving them the opportunity to be creative and making their day memorable. Better still, why not let your guests decide what will be on the t-shirts? If your child doesn’t mind sharing the naming with their friends, you could run a fun competition for best “team” name. T-shirts are guaranteed to make their special day memorable, and they can be worn for many months to come.

Drinks Bottles
The shape and design of the bowling skittles are perfect to mimic and make into drinks bottles. Not only are bowling-themed drinks bottles cute, they are also extremely useful, meaning that this party favor will continue to come in handy and be used for months after. They could either be a water bottle, perfect for sport which is very fitting for the theme. Or why not use them during your party? Add a straw and your child’s guests can sip away at their favorite soda or juice and keep filling up1

Mini Bowling Kits
No bowling-themed party for kids would be complete without a mini bowling kit for the children to play with. Bowling is of course an adult’s game, with the heavy bowling balls making it difficult for young children to play properly. By offering mini bowling kits, the children can have fun with the theme, and it’s a great game for the children to play both at the party and when they get home.

There’s no denying that stickers are always a win for many children. Stickers are so versatile, which can be designed and personalized with the theme in mind. Your special birthday boy or girl can also choose which stickers they would like to give to their guests.
These are just a few ideas for your child’s bowling-themed party favors. Whichever type of favors you choose, you’re child and their guests are sure to enjoy the theme.

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