Put Your Own Limited Edition Design on T Shirts

Wearing a T shirt proudly emblazoned with something that you have achieved is a satisfying experience. Whether onlookers think – “wow, that guy run’s marathons” or simply “he goes to great places for his vacations” – the words and pictures on your T shirt say a lot about the sort of person you are and what you do.

Design And Make Your Own Personal Statement

Probably, your T shirt wardrobe consists of shop bought shirts where someone else decided what pictures and slogans would appear on it – there is nothing wrong with that; but, what if you want your next shirt to say something very unique to you? No mass production T shirt company is going to want to take on an order for one T shirt – at least not without charging an astronomical price for it.

In the, not so distant, past, all you could do was to literally paint something onto a plain shirt with results that were variable and probably did not last very long. Fortunately, we have now progressed way beyond that basic hand application point.

Use Transfer Technology

If your personalized design is placed onto a transfer and then transferred onto the T shirt your “one off production” problem goes away – just so long as the transfer is not too expensive to make and its results are durable. Today’s T Shirt Heat Transfers meet these requirements. However, they should not be confused with their predecessor in the form of iron on transfers which used a similar principle of printing a design in reverse onto a release “paper” so that the complete design could then be taken off the paper and fixed onto a fabric garment. These early examples relied on the heat generated from running a domestic clothes iron over the transfer to effect moving the inks off the paper and onto the fabric. Iron on transfers, did not always fully transfer and the results did not survive many washing cycles of the garment.


For brilliant, long lasting colors in intricate designs you should use screen printed, heat press transfers. It is possible to design the artwork yourself and use computer printing to place it onto special transfer paper but, the cost of professionally prepared transfers is such that it is hardly worth while doing it yourself. But, you do need to invest a couple of hundred bucks in a heat transfer press to ensure the correct relocation of the design. Owning such a press will not only enable you to produce your unique shirt, you can also use it to place T Shirt Heat Transfers onto shirts for others either as gifts or even for sale.

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