Scheduled Maintenance and Repair – Caring for a Rolex Watch

If you are the owner of a Rolex watch, you are part of an exclusive club of watch lovers who know that the Rolex brand represents fine luxury and beauty. Rolex watch repairand maintenance should always be done by an authorized Rolex retailer and you should never attempt to repair or maintain the watch on your own. Should you need an emergency Rolex Watch Repair or any type of maintenance, you should be able to find a company locally or online to take care of the issue.

Recommended Maintenance for Your Rolex Watch

By owning a Rolex watch, you certainly have good taste and you know that it will take some maintenance in order to keep the watch in perfect condition. You have made an investment by buying this watch and if you want to make sure that this lasts for many years to come, you don’t want to take chances with its care. This is why the Rolex Company recommends regular maintenance of its watches and authorizes only the finest watch repair companies in the world to offer these services.

Each year, for example, it is recommended that you send or take your Rolex watch into an authorized dealer so they can look it over, replace the battery and expertly clean it. Not only will this help to stop any problems before they start, you can be sure that your Rolex will always look its best.

Every two to three years, it is recommended that you send or take your Rolex watch into an authorized dealer so they can inspect things like the crown of the watch and ensure that the seal is intact. If you have a watch that is vintage or antique, you will want to make sure that this is done each year.

Every five years, you should also send the watch in for oiling, deep cleaning, inspection and polishing. At this time you should also have the master Rolex repair service fully examine your watch, make suggestions for any type of Rolex watch repair and ensure that it is in perfect working conditions.

The Benefits of Professional Watch Repair

You should not attempt to perform any of these maintenance tasks or repairs on your watch by yourself. You could end up permanently damaging the watch which would cause it to lose its value. You should also not trust any company to repair your Rolex except those that have been authorized by the Rolex Company. Don’t take a chance with your luxury watch. By keeping it well maintained and repaired, you can ensure a lifetime of exceptional quality.

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