The Benefits Of Buying A Golf Umbrella

Out on the golf course, it’s a good idea to have an umbrella in the bag with your clubs in case of rain. Although any umbrella will work to some degree, there are many benefits to golf umbrellas that make them the preferred choice of many golfers both on and off the course.

One of the main benefits of a golf umbrella is its size. They are much bigger than a regular umbrella. You’ll want one that protects you and your bag, and maybe even your cart. The canopy of a golf umbrella usually ranges in size from 48” to 62”, and most golfers prefer at least a 50” canopy.

Another major benefit of the golf umbrella is its weight. The shaft and spreaders are usually made of fiberglass rather than aluminum or steel, so even though it is much bigger, it isn’t necessarily more difficult to carry around. Fiberglass has the additional advantage of being lightning resistant, which is an important safety consideration for a golfer who is standing in an open field in the middle of a rain storm.

Golf umbrellas are built to be more durable. The sturdy frame and canopy are specially designed to resist turning inside out when blasted by sudden gusts of wind. Many include a vented canopy, which provides extra wind resistance.

There are many different kinds of handles and hand grips on golf umbrellas. Ergonomic umbrella handles are popular among golfers because a hand cramp can be catastrophic to a golfer’s game. Umbrella handles may be made of wood, gel, rubber, foam, or even leather.

The automatic opening feature is one that many people prefer on an umbrella. This makes it easy to open one-handed, which can be important to a golfer who is trying to open it while carrying a golf bag.

An umbrella isn’t just to keep you and your equipment dry. Many golf umbrellas also offer sun protection with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor rating. Along with sunscreen and sun glasses, this can be an important feature for preventing sun damage in the forms of glaucoma and skin cancer.

One thing that many golfers like about the golf umbrella is the option to allow sponsors to place logos on the canopy. Sponsorships are a major factor in golf and an umbrella with a logo can be a great marketing tool.

An umbrella can be one of the most important pieces of equipment in your golf bag, and with so many choices, it’s easy to find the one that fits your golfing game the best!

Golf umbrellas can prevent a rainy day from becoming a day stuck at home, or a storm from ending your game prematurely. Keep a couple of golf umbrellas in your golf bag all the time! Find the best golf umbrellas online at Raintec Umbrella.

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