The Magic of Electronic Cigarette Flavors

Electronic cigarettes can be filled with various flavors. You can add a liquid or a combination of liquids to the electronic cigarettes for the nicotine delivery combined with flavor. These liquids come in many flavors and a few different strengths. In this manner, you can enjoy vaping the flavor of your choice. Tobacco flavors are available if you want to stay traditional. Other delightful flavors are waiting to create an inspired flavor experience for you.

Varieties of Electronic Cigarette Flavors

In the e juice realm, there are some fine options for classic tobacco flavors. Starter options, which come highly recommended, are Runyan and 555. Or it might be fun to step away from the usual flavors of cigarettes and try the new, exotic electronic cigarette flavors. There are fruit flavors, beverage flavors, candy flavors, and special mixes. Mix your own and create your special pleasure. The bottom line is a variety to choose from and you get to choose.

It is actually interesting to taste the varieties of electronic cigarette flavors. Some you will love. Others you may dislike. More flavors may grow on you and become favorites. The classic e-juice tobacco flavors are not exactly like burning tobacco, the habit that you are trying to get away from. However, they are interesting and loved by many. The more candy-like flavors are a treat on so many levels. There are many different flavors and types to meet individual tastes.

Potencies of Electronic Cigarette Flavors

The general idea is to step down in nicotine concentration. If you have been a heavy smoker for many years, you will probably need to start with the highest concentration, which is 24 mg per ml. That should allow you the dosage you would get from a regular cigarette. There are subsequently lower concentrations available. Usually, the scale goes from 24 to 18, then 12, then 6, and 3, finally ending up at 0, which still allows you the vaping experience without the nicotine.

This is one way to get off nicotine entirely. Another option is to continue vaping as a healthier option to smoking cigarettes. You could start at the high dose and perhaps work down to the 18mg, continuing as long as you wish. This is way more economical and better than smoking.

Contents of Electronic Cigarette Flavors

There are two basic ingredients in the e-juice offered by Mount Baker Vapor. One of them is called PG, which means propylene glycol, and the other is called VG, or vegetable glycerin. Different ratios are available, as vapors have different tolerances and favors. The flavors stay the same. Higher VG usually produces greater vapor. Higher PG has a little less vapor.

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