Things to Consider When Selling a Watch or Jewelry in Chicago

by | Sep 29, 2023 | Jewelry


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When you look around your home, it may feel like you have a little too much clutter. Jewelry boxes or drawers may be full of old jewelry or watches you don’t wear. It may be that your taste has changed, or maybe the person who gave you the watch is someone you no longer remember fondly. Individuals looking to sell watches in Chicago can potentially make a decent amount of money. However, there are some precautions and tips a person should be aware of before deciding to sell their watch.

First, the person should be sure that they want to sell it. The last thing an individual wants to experience is seller’s remorse. If the watch has been passed down through generations, or if it was given as a special gift for someone important, think through the process before making the sale.

Another tip to consider when deciding whether or not to sell watches in Chicago is the demand for the brand. Certain brands like Omega and Rolex are in high demand. They are sought after by collectors and individuals looking for a new watch. Other brands that are not as highly sought after may be difficult to sell. There are some caveats to consider with brands that are not as popular. For example, a limited edition of a particular watch could hold more value.

Ensure the watch is in good condition, and keep the original box if possible. If it has scratches or the strap shows wear and tear, the watch may not have as high of a price as you would like.

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