Two and four person personal saunas

Sitting in a sauna with others is nice, especially when the others are your family or friends. This is something that is hard to control when you use the communal sauna at the club or spa, but not a problem when you have a 4 person sauna in your own home.

Both a 2 person portable sauna and a 4 person sauna is a wonderful addition to any home, especially those that use FAR infrared as their heat source. For those who have experienced a traditional sauna which uses wood, gas or electricity as the heat source, they will find that the heat generated by FAR infrared is much lower as all it is doing is heating the body and not the room. The temperature differential is quite different; a steam sauna reaches at least 180 degrees F and often much more when a blast of steam comes off any liquid thrown on the heater whereas the temperature in a sauna which uses FAR infrared is kept at around 120 or 130 degrees F.

There are some magnificent portable home saunas on the market, most use traditional woods such as cedar or hemlock and they have at least, if not more, of the features of a spa sauna. These home saunas have digital control panels and a remote control music system as well as therapy lights to help with setting a comfortable and peaceful mood.

The 2 person portable sauna takes a little less than 16 square feet of floor space and the 4 person sauna not much more, just 26 square feet. Assembly can be done by one person but truthfully, two people are better. The walls all fit neatly together with a tongue and groove system so there are no visible fasteners. The power consumption is not a lot more than the toaster, using the sauna a couple of times a week will probably add no more than $5 to your power bill and the benefits are certainly worth a lot more than that.

The recommended way to use a sauna is to alternate between the heat of the sauna and then exit and cool down. This cycle is necessary with a steam sauna but because a sauna using FAR infrared is cooler, it is possible to enjoy the sauna without exiting as often.

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