21st Century Fax: Communication with Fax Modem Software

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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Traditional fax communications involve the use of a phone line which connects fax machines in different locations so that a document can be transmitted. The traditional fax machine is a combination of a scanner, modem, and printer which works by transmitting data in pulses, which the receiving machine translates into images which are printed on paper. Some people may remember accidentally calling a fax number instead of a phone number and getting that awful dial-up sound. Traditional faxes were limited to one document being sent or received at a time. It became a very popular method of communication for business documents, but recently has become a bit dated and slow compared to all of the other methods which have taken over in this world of computer technology and internet. Many businesses have switched to newer and faster methods for document transmission. Even so, fax is still a widely used method of communication and thanks to fax modem software it has been brought into the 21st century.

Fax Machines Are Still Around Today

Many businesses have switched to more modern means of communication because they are faster, more affordable, and simpler with the new computer technology in place. But faxing is still a means of communication utilized by many companies, whether it is because they think it is more secure or they simply don’t want to get rid of old equipment and change their business processes. So businesses that have switched over to newer methods need a way to communicate with those that have not. Fax modem software allows these companies to use computers to communicate with fax machines even though they are connected to the internet instead of to a phone line. No one wants to deal with dial up, and now it isn’t necessary. The fax modem software allows a document to be created and sent from the computer to the modem, which then transmits it to the receiving fax machine in the proper format. The catch is that in order to receive a fax with this software, the computer must be on and running.

No Need for Expensive Hardware

Companies that need to be able to communicate with businesses who use fax machines will not be required to by a bunch of new and expensive equipment and put a dedicated fax phone line in place now, because fax modem software is here to make communication less expensive and painstaking. Simply use the computer technology already in place and add in some supplemental software. There are great fax modem software options available today, and it’s simply a matter of finding what works best for each particular situation.

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