4 Tips for Earthmoving Equipment Maintenance

Earthmoving equipment is complex and expensive, therefore you have to do many things to ensure that it is functioning properly and is safe at all times. This will ensure that the equipment will last for a long time and at the same time have fewer chances of causing injuries or deaths. This article provides you with some of the tips for earthmoving equipment maintenance.

Clean the machinery effectively

The most effective way to keep the equipment and tools safe is to ensure that they are cleaned thoroughly. The tools and equipment do heavy and dirty work which can affect the functionality of the machine. This makes it necessary to clean the equipment regularly.

Train employees on the operation

Your earthmoving equipment parts have high chances of being broken or damaged if it is operated by a worker without the proper training. In addition, the worker has high chances of being hurt or injured or causing such injuries to other workers. To prevent all these occurences, all workers ought to be trained on the right ways to operate the earthmoving equipment. No one should be allowed to operate the equipment without the required qualification and training. Proper training will allow the workers to carry out the right risk assessment to avoid situations that may cause injuries or damage to the equipment.

Regular lubrication

Heavy earthmoving equipment will get damaged or malfunction due to lack of regular lubrication. The movable parts and components will require proper lubrication because the frequent movement leads to friction. The friction can cause severe damage to the equipment if proper lubrication is not done. Make sure you lubricate every joint, but avoid excess lubrication because this can lead to grease buildup and other problems to the equipment.

Take the necessary steps to prevent injuries

It is important to teach all workers who make use of the earth moving machine to spot any danger and know how to deal with any problematic situation that might arise. For instance, when driving up or down it is necessary that they understand how to select the right gear. They should also know the right angle to drive at to avoid causing accidents. Workers not operating the earthmoving equipment should stay a distance away while it is moving to avoid accidents. In addition, when the machine is not in use, it should be parked in the right area.


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