5 Characteristics Of a Quality Pearl Necklace

Much like diamonds, pearls can differ dramatically in quality and value. If you’re thinking of buying a Pearl Necklace, learning to identify the characteristics of high-quality pearls can help you to make a wise purchase. Quality pearls, like those found at Surat Diamond Jewellery, will have several unique aspects. Subtle distinctions indicate the Pearl Necklace you’ve got your eye on is genuine and valuable.


Your first concern should be finding out whether or not the Pearl Necklace is genuine. To test this, lightly rub one of the pearls off the front of your tooth. Real pearls will feel slightly grainy and gritty against the enamel. If the pearl feels completely smooth, it’s probably simulated.


The overall appearance of a Pearl Necklace from Surat Diamond Jewelry Pvt Ltd, commonly referred to as its luster, is much of what determines its value. Quality pearls should have a subtle sheen instead of a dull, flat look. You’ll also want to make sure the pearls are free from any bumps or blemishes that could compromise its integrity.


The ideal shape for a pearl is perfectly round. Pearls that closely resemble an oval or elliptical shape are less valuable than their spherical counterparts. To determine whether a pearl has the correct shape, roll it on a flat surface. An ideal pearl will roll straight and smooth like a marble.


Although many people prefer the look of white or cream colored pearls, those with a rose overtone are the most valuable. Do your pearls have a subtle pink sheen when you hold them up to the light? If so, they are worth more than pearls that are ivory-toned.


The nacre is the term for the substance that an oyster produces to surround a young pearl. When judging the quality of pearls, you should look for a thick nacre. To determine whether or not a pearl has a thin nacre, hold it up to a bright light and gently roll it between your fingers. Pearls with an insubstantial nacre will betray their poor quality by blinking under the lighting.

Learning to judge the quality of the pearls you’re considering can help you to make a wise purchase. Keep the tips above in mind any time you’re thinking about purchasing a Pearl Necklace.

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