Captain Black Little Cigars with Pipe Tobacco

by | Apr 14, 2018 | Tobacco


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The Captain Black brand is best known for its pipe tobacco. The brand claims to be the best-selling pipe tobacco manufacturer in the United States. It is also sold internationally in over a dozen other countries as well. If you are familiar with the pipe tobacco, you might be curious about the cigarillos. Many individuals find them quite convenient. It is practical to keep a few on hand for times when you would like to enjoy a smoking break but a pipe is impractical. Learn more about this unique product.

History of Captain Black Little Cigars

The Captain Black brand was founded in 1973 to produce pipe tobacco for Lane Limited. At the height of the cigar popularity rush in the 1990s, Captain Black began producing filtered cigars and then later, tipped cigars. These became a trendy option for smokers, as they were convenient in size as well as being more flavorful than a smaller cigarette. Traditional cigarillos do not have a filter, and so are not inhaled. The addition of a filter made this product stand out.

Captain Black Little Cigars are made in the United States from tobacco grown domestically and imported from Indonesia and the Philippines. Since the majority of cigars are made in South America, this gives these a uniquely different quality.

Varieties of Little Cigars Available

Each cigar measures 3-7/8 inches long, in contrast to the standard 5 inch cigar. The flavors available in the United States include the following:

  • Original
  • Vanilla
  • Cherry
  • Sweet
  • Peach Rum

In addition to these flavors, Captain Black Little Cigars also come in three other styles. Filtered cigars have the same robust flavor as the original blend. The Dark variety is made with Perique and Cavendish tobacco and comes with a unique black wrapper and filter. The Menthol variety is crisp and has a fresh menthol flavor.

A Little About Cigarillos

The term cigarillo refers to a short and narrow product that is smaller than a cigar, but larger than a cigarette. By comparison, a cigarette has one gram of tobacco and a cigarillo has about three. Cigarillos were popular for a long time due to their lower tax rate, but as of 2009, new legislation made the difference insignificant. Throughout Europe, cigarillos are called a “Seven Minute Cigar” due to the fact that they take a short period of time to smoke. In the Philippines, the term for this type of device is simply “little cigar” because the term cigarillo refers to a cigarette.

Shopping for Captain Black Little Cigars

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