The Best Way to Get More Cash For Gold Jewelry

When you need to convert some gold into cash, the Chicago Gold Gallery is the natural choice. We buy all types of gold coins, putting cash into your pocket. Our coin buyers in Chicago explain the worth of the item to you, and you can choose to take our offer or keep your items. In addition to buying gold coins, we also buy gold jewelry. Perhaps that big gold chain or ring is no longer your style, or you inherited some jewelry that you do not want to wear. We will buy it from you for a fair price and put cash in your wallet today.

Not only do we buy gold coins and jewelry, but we also buy silver coins and jewelry. If you have some old silver coins around from your childhood or that a family member gave to you, our coin buyers in Chicago will buy it. Instead of having that silver sitting around in a drawer, taking up space in your house, you will get money in hand that you can put to use right away. We will also buy your gold, silver, or platinum watch or timepiece.

At Chicago Gold Gallery, we also buy diamonds and other precious gemstones. If you have loose diamonds that you meant to have made into jewelry but just never got around to it, we will buy them. We will also purchase your pieces of jewelry with gemstones such as diamond. Vintage and modern diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are all things that we will buy from you.

No appointment is needed to sell your gold or silver coins at our conveniently located Chicago shop. If you have coins to sell or want to buy some coins, visit us at Chicago Gold Gallery or explore our website at Follow us on google+.

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