Getting To Know Konad

by | Jul 2, 2012 | General


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Today Konad is one of the most popular companies in the industry when it comes to nail art. This company itself was first started in Asia but is now recognized all over the world and is used in thousands of nail salons. While it was once only available in nail salons, Konad products are now available to the public by way of their website. All of products can be ordered online and will be delivered directly to your home. The process of applying the nail art is simple once you get a little practice and each delivery comes with a detailed set of instructions.

When you order Konad products for the first time you will find that you are quickly addicted and will be ordering more. One of the most popular products that Konad currently sells is the nail stamps and the nail plates. The plates sell for about seven dollars each and they all have at least four different designs on each plate. If you can afford it, you have the option to purchase all of the plates in one complete set for just fewer than two hundred dollars. This is in fact the most cost effective way to purchase the plates, especially if you are opening your own nail salon. There are other products on the market that claim to offer the same quality as Konad but once you purchase them you will quickly learn that there is nothing that can compare to the attention to detail that Konad pays to its products.

When using Konad products for the first time it is advised that you take your time and expect that you will make mistakes. If you are purchasing these products to use in a nail salon you should spend a few weeks practicing before you start charging customers for your services, particularly if you have not used everything that you have purchased. You will not be in business long if your design quality is not good. Once you become familiar with this form of nail art it won’t take you long to discover some short cuts and tricks that make the process of applying the nail art quick and easy.

Konad has thought of everything from beginners to experts. There are many products being sold on the website that are created for people who have been doing this type of nail art for a number of years but there are also products on there that are designed solely for the beginner. Konad has a number of beginner kits available that give you everything you need to get you started. Included in the kit you will find detailed step by step instructions that make it impossible for you to mess it up provided you follow the instructions. These kits include the most popular nail plates and polishes. All of the products being sold by the Konad company are compatible with each other so it doesn’t matter what you buy, you can use everything together.

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