Look Before You Leap to Buy Green Tea

by | Jun 27, 2012 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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Buying teas is one of the regular activities of all tea lovers. Each one of us goes to the tea shop to buy tea sometime or the other. Today tea is available not only in the tea shops but also you can get your favorite pack of tea in the grocer shop near you. Today, the shopkeepers keep variety of teas to cater to the demands of the customers. So, you can easily get to buy a pack of green tea from a shop near you. There are also online shop systems which you can avail to buy a pack of your favorite green tea. Usually when people go to buy green tea many try to get the cheapest bag and others try to judge the flavor and quality of the tea by its expensive price.

The effort to buy green tea is not as easy as we have made it gradually. If you really want to buy a quality product perfect for your health then try to judge the following few things before you leap on a green tea bag:

1. To get the best flavor and benefit of a tea, just get to know its processing system and the type of blend it is offering you. Before that make sure about the type and blend of tea you want to have. Green tea is only a broader term which covers several sub categories.

2. If you have a particular taste for your regular tea or coffees then try to know about its flavour and blend. For example, a Chinese green tea tastes little sweet and salty unlike other green teas.

3. As mentioned before, green tea is available in different form. For example, whole leaf, powdered, booming and many more. If you want to get the best out of your tea then just go for organic products to buy green tea. Organic green tea gives you the authentic and natural flavor free from the effect of artificial fertilizers. You can also go for a pack of loose tea with whole leaf. You can also buy the green tea which is labeled as ‘handpicked’

4. It is better to buy green tea for regular use from a particular tea shop. Go for a few shops before you finally decide one that suits you the most in quality and price. Same process can be applied while buying green tea. Avoid buying bulk at the first instance and taste three to four green tea samples before you chose one for you regular drink.

5. If you are thinking of bulk purchase then online shopping is the best option. In that case you need to remember that you have to pay for additional shipping charges. Again, you also need to select an authentic online shop that will provide you with a fair deal and transaction. It is suggested to taste the sample from your nearest shop before placing bulk orders online.



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