Grace Under Fire: Decoding Acronyms in Personal Protective Equipment

by | Jul 18, 2017 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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“Liar, liar, pants on fire,” may just be a saying used by children in the school yard, but if your job involves work with lye or other flammable materials, safety on the job is nothing to laugh at! If you’re looking to reduce the risk of injury without inhibiting your performance, consider procuring a pair of flame resistant pants.

No, that’s not a joke. Flame resistant pants are indeed a real thing, much to the relief of HAZMAT workers across the globe. If you’re reading this article, there is a good chance that you, or someone you love, works in an environment that carries some degree of fire risk.

Maybe you know you need protection, but aren’t certain exactly what that entails. There are several types of flame resistant pants, but the search for the appropriate garment is paved with confusing acronyms. Sit back while we unpack some of their meanings.


PPE, or personal protective equipment. This refers to all equipment (clothing included) that protects you while on the job.


This one is pretty obvious. It stands for flame resistant. This type of pant is great for linemen, electricians, pharmaceutical workers, and anyone who works in the paper and pulp industry. If there is a chance your work will set you aflame with something more literal than a passion for your career and pride in your work ethic, you’ll want to find PPE that is FR.


Similar to the previous acronym, FRC stands for “flame resistant clothing.” Flame resistant pants fall under this category.


This one stands for arc thermal performance value. It measures how well materials perform when exposed to an electrical arc discharge. This is expressed in cal/cm2. The larger the number attributed to the material, the more protection it provides. Clothes that resist electrical current help you not catch on fire. If you like not being on fire, this is a number you’ll want to pay attention to.

Now that some of these acronyms have been decoded, you are ready to choose the PPE that is right for you. But since your safety is on the line, it may be wise to print this out and take it with you. Or even better, consult the professionals.

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