How to Conduct Couture Online Shopping

by | May 31, 2012 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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Basically, couture online shopping may entail buying products such as couture dresses online. Couture was originally a French term for sewing or ‘to be sewn’. Normally, a couture dress may be a custom made dress for women using hand-sewing techniques. The couture attires may also be made by designers and offered for sale. Usually, couture attires are different from designer labels since the couture attires are mainly made for an individual client rather than for the general public. The couture attires can be dated way back in the 18th century when European women would take short trips to Paris to seek couture dresses.

Currently, the couture attires are still present and trendy designers work under names of couture houses such as Dior, Pierre Cardin, Emanuel Ungaro and Balenciaga to name just but a few. Numerous ready-to-wear designers make dress designs for the commercial market based on the trends of couture. The couture designs may feature dramatic high ruffled necks on the couture dresses. However, some of the contemporary ready-to-wear couture attires are more subtle compared to the original couture designs. In the contemporary world, couture online shopping is common and many couture attires can be accessed online.

You can have a couture dress custom made for you. This however requires earlier appointment where you get in touch with a designer’s showroom and make appointment for a private consultation and fitting. With couture online shopping, you may get in touch with an online custom designer who will help you to design your dream attire. The couture attires may be relatively high priced but this is expected since the cost caters for all your fittings, the materials and the delivery of your dress.

With couture online shopping, you can access attires made from a wide range of materials. Basically, the materials used for couture dresses are exclusive to each couture designer. These materials are the finest available and are mainly designed and manufactured exclusively for a single couture designer. Some of the common materials that may be utilized while making a couture dress include fine silk, high grade cashmere or even soft leather. With the custom made couture dresses, the customer may be at liberty to select the best material to be used for the ordered couture clothing.

The best thing with couture online shopping is that you can access the couture attires from any part of the world. It does not matter where you are situated in the world; online shopping can be conducted from any location. Although Paris is the original home of couture designers, the couture designs have spread to other areas of the world such as London, Milan and New York. The original couture originated from Paris but often, other designers from around the world refer to all custom made clothing as couture.

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