Saving Money in the City

When moving to an urban environment, one thing you may notice is how much more convenient shopping is. And then, a week later, realize how much less convenient it actually is. It’s because shopping changes when you’re in the city. Most everything is more expensive. Even when prices are discounted in the city, it’s likely to be higher than you’re accustomed to paying. If you’re lucky, you can walk everywhere you need to go, because taking the bus or the tube can be a hassle when your hands are full. This can make certain staples a real pain to get. It is impossible if you live in a city to buy cigarettes at a discount price, and add on to that a carton of cigarettes, which while light, is still bulky.

“Sticker shock” refers to the feeling one experiences when the price of an item is surprisingly higher than they expected. For example, the first time most people buy printer ink they experience sticker shock because the ink costs almost as much as the printer. Sometimes, it’s due to something costing more than you thought it should. Other times, it’s because you’re used to paying less for it. If you live outside the city, you’re probably used to buying discount cigarettes because of the lower cost of real estate.

When you move to the city, be prepared to pay more for some things. However, certain products, like discount cigarettes, can be found at a better rate by going online. There are two basic ways to save money with the Internet: You can use it as a means to price shop local places, many of which will include approximate prices, which will save you the time of walking around to each store to compare. The other is that you can buy things directly off the Internet and because you’re often buying from a wholesaler, you can usually pay much less.

Certain products you won’t be able to save money on by ordering online; for instance, very few places will sell you discount groceries from out of town, and the shipping would make it impractical anyway, though some places will sell certain groceries to be shipped to your home. Discount cigarettes are an ideal product for online shopping, however. They can be shipped easily, are something you consume at a steady rate so you can predict how often you need to order, and online distribution helps limit some of the legal headaches and expenses tied with cigarette sales. This means without having to put a “sale” price on cigarettes, online stores can offer discount cigarettes at a substantially reduced price. Smoking is expensive enough, but you can save when you order discount cigarettes online.

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