How to Get Rid of Your Old Mattress

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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When you buy a new mattress, you are often left with the old one to get rid of. If the store delivered it, then they may offer a return service to send your old one back. Depending on the store this may or may not be a free service, so be sure to check, but what can you do if they do not? Or if you bought your mattress online? Here are a few ways to get rid of your old mattress when you get a new Tempur-Pedic mattress in North Covington, LA.

Give it Away Online

If your mattress has any life left in it at all, then you can give it away online. Even if you think it is gone someone else may get some use out of it. Post it as free on sites like Facebook and Craigslist. You would be surprised how quickly something listed free online will disappear.

Donate It

Similar to listing it online, if you donate your old mattress, you may not have any use for it anymore, but someone else may. Look online for places where you can drop off a mattress and make sure it is not going to get rained on. Many homeless shelters and battered women’s centers rely on donated mattresses to provide bedding for people who come to them. Alternatively, you can donate it to the Salvation Army who will either use it or sell it in a thrift store and use the money, either way, it helps.

Unless your mattress is completely worn out, then chances are someone can use it. You can either give it away or donate it, but either way, there are much better ways to get rid of your old mattress than throwing it in the dumpster. Many charities will even come to your house to pick up your old mattress and haul it off.

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