How to use colored dragees

If you are a new cake decorator just starting out, you may have heard of colored dragees. These beautiful small beads can be applied on cakes and cookies for decoration. You can apply these to your finished baked goods for an impressive look and although they are non-toxic, they are not meant to be consumed. Even though these are not approved for consumption due to their metal content, many people still enjoy them adorning their cakes. Colored dragees add a layer of sophistication and beauty to your baked goods whether they are used for a special occasion or as an everyday treat decoration. Understanding how to use them will ensure the best results on your cakes and cookies.

Hand application – One by one

Depending on the surface area of the cake you are decorating, you can choose to apply these by hand one at a time. This is a very time consuming way to place these down and it can also cause a lot of disruption on your cake’s icing. If you have been trying to find a way to place these without the time consuming method of one by one applications, there are options available. One of the things you can consider is to use royal icing to help the colored dragees stick more easily.

Colored dragees with royal icing

Using royal icing in your cake decorating can facilitate the application of colored dragees. However it is important to work quickly before your icing dries or the colored dragees won’t stick to it. To get started, you will want to assemble your dragees in one container, your icing in another bowl, and have a spatula on hand. With your spatula, spread the royal icing where you want the dragees placed down. Then you can grab a handful of dragees and place them on the icing so that they stick. Make sure not to use the same spatula to spread them out or you may risk getting royal icing all over the dragees.

This quick and simple tip should make applying colored dragees much more simple and a lot more enjoyable.

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