Important Tips For Those Looking for Kosher Gift Baskets

by | Oct 10, 2014 | Gifts


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If you are choosing a Kosher gift basket for a friend, relative or co-worker, it is important to choose one that your recipient will enjoy. Gift baskets always make a lovely gift for a housewarming, hostess gift or holiday gift. Kosher gift baskets come in many varieties, and not everyone that keeps Kosher accepts all Kosher certification markings in their home. To ensure that your recipient will accept your gift, purchase a gift basket that adheres to the strictest Kashrut. Miami Beach Chocolates offers delicious foods that are certified Kosher under the KM, as well as the ORB. Additionally, Miami Chocolates are Chalov Yisrael in accordance with Jewish law or Halacha.

Chocolate varieties

Among the choice of gift baskets from Miami Chocolates are a variety of dairy, pareve and vegan offerings. Pareve baskets contain foods that can be eaten with dairy or meat meals. If your gift is for a Jewish holiday, a pareve basket is the best choice as it can be eaten with any meal. If your recipient is allergic to dairy products or is vegan, you can select a gift that will meet their needs.

Choosing the right basket

Beyond Kashrut, the choice of gift comes down to dessert preference, occasion and price. Miami Beach Chocolates offers a wide range of price points from a $20 Oreo and Pretzel Tray to a $180 Oval Grand Chocolate Basket. You can request custom molds for special events such as a wedding or family reunion. For those with a dietary restriction from sugar, sugar-free chocolate is also available.

Basket Ingredients

Baskets offer a mixture of high-quality ingredients including chocolate-covered Oreo cookies, chocolate-glazed fruits, chocolate bark, truffles, theme-based molded chocolates, chocolate-covered strawberries and chocolate-covered pretzels. You can select gifts by type of chocolate, occasion or holiday or if you like compile your own personal customized gift basket from your choice of ingredients.

Events and Occasions

For professional or personal family events, Miami Chocolates can ship individual chocolates, one basket or a group of baskets. These baskets can be used for professional customer thank you’s, dessert trays for a wedding, open house or teacher gift or for a courtesy to prospective clients. Although many mold shapes are already available, custom molds can be ordered for your event. You can also have names or dates added to existing chocolates for a personal touch.

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