Including God in your Daily Meditations and Yoga

by | Apr 8, 2014 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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Many people do not stop and think about the “modern” approaches to spiritual growth. For example each day you may choose to meditate to relieve stress or do yoga to stay healthy. These approaches have long been used to gain inner spiritual health and as a Christian instead of trying to embrace these Eastern traditional means of spirituality you could instead use them in combination with your Christian beliefs to become closer to God.

Bishop Jordan knows that today the world is full of stress and unhappiness. He sees people looking for new ways to alleviate stress in their lives and find “inner enlightenment”. This is an encouraging sign that the world still seeks a spiritual side in their lives yet many Christians use this new view to reject their Christian beliefs and replace them with a more Eastern approach to spirituality. What can work more effectively for Christians is to use traditional Eastern forms of meditation and combine them with Christian daily devotions.

Think about what meditation involves. It is a calm and peaceful moment in which you slow your mind down in order to get in touch with yourself and allow yourself to relieve stress and find inner strength and growth. As a Christian this a  wonderful plan that can be made even more effective if you take it one step further and use your time of meditation to become closer to God. When you find your peaceful moment strengthen your faith and use it as a time not only to meditate but to be closer to God with daily devotions.

Yoga is another example of time spent to become healthier, care for your body and strengthen your mind. God loves to see us caring for ourselves and working to improve our physical and mental health. Yoga allows you to clear you mind and strengthen your body and you can use this time to speak to God and be thankful for your health and well being.

Being a good Christian means involving God in everything you do. By embracing your faith and using meditation and Yoga to be grateful and speak to God with a clear mind will feel better in mind, body and spirit and strengthen your faith and relationship with God.

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