Make Potty Training Your Puppy Easy With Dog Pads in Your Home

Introducing a dog to your home can be a fun adventure. However, you might not want to let your dog outside to use the bathroom right away. Here are a few tips for using training pads until your dog is comfortable venturing outdoors.

Access Inside

When you bring your puppy home, you want to put the puppy training pads in a certain area of your house instead of putting them in every room. A common area for pads is right by the front door. This will get your puppy accustomed to the idea of going to the door when it needs to use the bathroom, making it a bit easier for taking it outdoors when it’s older.


Avoid punishing your puppy when it has an accident inside. Your puppy isn’t going to completely grasp the concept of using puppy training pads right away and might not be able to make it to the pad or might not be able to find the pad until it’s used it a few times. If you yell or punish your dog, then it likely won’t even try to use the pad.


Try to give your puppy as much space as possible to use its training pad. It likely doesn’t want someone looking at its bathroom habits just as you would want the same privacy. Check on your puppy after a few minutes to make sure it has used the pad, praising your dog for using the pad with ease as this can make it want to continue using the pad in the future. For more information visit PetsWorld Online Pet Supply

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